Lake Tanganyika Perch or Pamba

Lake Tanganyika Perch

Locally known as the Pamba, Lates angustifrons is a largely unknown fish, and found only in Lake Tanganyika. It is closely related to the Nile Perch, and is one of the world’s largest species of perch. Fishing for this largely unknown species presents adventure fishermen the opportunity to be one of the few sports fishermen in the world to ever catch this monster fish.

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The Lake Tanganyika Perch (Lates sp.), or Pamba, is a deep-water fish, and with VIP Fishing Trips you will be fishing in Lake Tanganyika in depths of up to 200 meters, which is quite unusual for freshwater fishing. The maximum size of this species is not known, but evidence suggests a weight in excess of 100 kilograms. Lake Tanganyika, itself, is one of the most remote, and yet most beautiful places on our planet, with more than 300 endemic species of fish.

Fish: Location: Duration: Availability: Price:
Pamba Congo, Tanzania min 14 days March - October from 4 400 € / person see all prices

We offer individual programmes to suit the client:

Pamba fishing takes place primarily from a boat drifting off shore, often as far as 40 kms, where the water is deep, at any time during a 24 hour period. The fishing method differs according to the specific hour. It is up to the client to decide what time is dedicated to fishing. Unlike other tour operators, VIP Fishing Trips offers a unique individual program that allows the client to taylor the programme according to his wishes and ideas.

By day, we lower our bait to a depth of 100 m or more, where we try to find the small schools of fish which attract the Pamba. At night, local fishermen, use lights to attract small fish to the surface to catch them in nets. The Pamba is attracted by light and the movement of fish trapped in the nets. This unique method of catching fish is organised by Jakub Vagner, one of Europe's most respected sports fishermen, and an expert on freshwater giants. He has worked as a professional fishing guide for the last 13 years, and holds several world records. On Lake Tanganyika he has personally trapped several monsters that eluded other fishermen.

Expedition prices for 2011 – 14 Days Minimum

1 Person 5 500 /person
2 -3 Persons 4 900 /person
4 Persons 4 400 /person

The expedition is conducted so as to allow each participant to have the maximum chance of success. For this reason, each expedition is limited to 4 persons, which allows us to guarantee a personal approach to each of the fishermen. We will only increase numbers at the express wish of the client.


Our clients are comfortably accommodated at reliable hotels and family guest houses located at each of our fishing destinations. Rooms are air conditioned and have a private bathroom. Meals are provided at the hotels, and during fishing, a cook is available at all time. On board there are food and soft drinks available throughout the day during the whole stay. If you wish, customised menus prior to departure are possible to arrange.

Available expedition times:

March - October

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